• Improve the quality of life for residents of Joplin by increasing community pride
    and providing a recreational and learning activity to do with their children without
    having to travel to Springfield, Bentonville, Tulsa, Kansas City, etc.
  • Increase economic impact by drawing visitors to Joplin not only to visit
    the Science Center but to dine in restaurants, shop, and frequent the city’s
    other attractions.
  • Provide partnership opportunities for business and education through the
    Science Center’s focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,
    and Mathematics).
  • Assist local employers to recruit employees from outside the area by providing a
    showcase attraction that enhances the quality of life expected for their families.




The Finance Committee provides advice and oversight to the board regarding the Creative Learning Alliance’s annual budget and ongoing financial decisions. They review the financial resources needed to provide programs and services to the community and monitor and ensure the organization works within the annual operating budget.


The Facilities Committee is centered around three main tasks: analyzing potential sites/locations, putting together potential budgets/estimates associated with construction (construction of a new building or the rehabilitation of an existing building), and eventually, this committee will become the working committee during design development of the final and or temporary location.


The Outreach Committee is the public-facing arm of the organization with exposure to the public being the main objective. The committee has developed several prototype exhibits to serve as examples of what the science center will have to offer. They plan and organize events in which the public can interact with prototype exhibits along with recruiting volunteers to assist in guiding users through each experience. The committee is poised to partner with regional schools and other institutions to promote the organization’s vision.


The Creative Learning Alliance, thanks to the Outreach Committee, has built several mobile exhibits. These exhibits were designed to travel throughout the community and be a hands-on example of the organization’s mission and vision. Read more about each exhibit, and the science behind them, below.

Pendulum Wave

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Levitation Station

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Face Swap

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Balance That Picture

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Center of Attraction

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Ferrofluid Fun

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Hover Around

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Off to the Races

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Parachute Launcher

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Pattern Maker

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The Way the Ball Bounces

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Twisted Tangram

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  • Boyd Metals
  • Corner Greer & Associates, Inc
  • Joplin CVB
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Scott Vorhees, LLC
  • Sign Designs
  • Southwest Missouri Bank
  • The RunAround
  • Dr. Rob & Kara Arnce
  • Brent & Regina Baker
  • Gene & Paula Baker
  • Dr. Lance & Sharon Beshore
  • Audie & Melodie Dennis
  • Jarrod & Melissa Hogan
  • Debra Hutson
  • Randal & Shelly Kraft
  • Dr. Melinda & Greg Moss
  • Jeffrey & Carolina Neal
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Rob & Marge O’Brian
  • Gary & Vickie Pulsipher
  • John & Dory Quinn
  • Ron & Patty Richard
  • Alecia Ward & Michael Doten
  • Brian & Catherine Ward
  • Joshua & Kimberly Welch
  • Clifford & Pamela Wert

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